CCGA Thanks Pin High

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   Classic Golf Association and The I.G.A golfer would like thank the Pin High Golfer Association for a great tournament this weekend in Swainboro Ga. We are looking forward to next year, great job. Hope to see everyone, in Monore, Ga. October 10, 2015,  Thanks Again



CCGA 2015 Seniors Flight Winners 

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Virgil Wynn, 1st Place Winner


Eddie Lamar, 2nd Place Winner

Eddie Chambers, 3rd Place Winner

H J Trapp, 4th Place Winner

CCGA 2015 4th Flight Winners 

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Paul Mercer, 1st Place Winner

Bruce Wilson, 2nd Place Winner
Jerome Bramlet, 3rd Place Winner
James Boston, 4th Place Winner

CCGA 2015 3rd Flight Winners

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Cedrick Gleaton, 1st Place Winner
Charles Turner, 2nd Place Winner
Paul Gates, 3rd Place Winner
Myron Johnson, 4th Place Winner

CCGA 2015 1st Flight Winners

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Toney Peirson, 1st Place Winner
Rickie Brown, 2nd Place Winner
Larry Watkins, 3rd Place Winner
Ken Brown, 4th Place Winner

CCGA Pictures on Sunday

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Here are pictures from Sunday.                   

2015 CCGA Women Flight Tournament Winners

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Wanda Green, 2015 Women Champion

Shelia Hinton, 2nd Place Winner

Mary Taylor, 3rd Place Winner
Women Flight Scores